1. Is it legal to watch movies on StreamMovies.me ?

Absolutely, Watching is totally legal as long as you’re not downloading the movies and selling it directly to make money.

2. It says url is broken or removed, what to need to do ?

We usually have several servers to choose from for each and every movie, if you get a broken or a removed video from one of the server, try other servers. If any or all of them are broken, please report to us by clicking the Report button below the player. It helps us Identify broken links faster and we are able to add more new servers for the viewer pleasure to be able to watch movies online for free.

3. Do I need to register In order to watch movies here?

Nope, Accounts are useful for user who use our website regularly and likes to keep track on their favorite movies or TV – Shows by adding them to their favorite playlist

4. Is this website even legal?

Yes, The Court of Justice of the European Union handed down a landmark verdict. The Court ruled that embedding copyrighted videos is not copyright infringement, even if the source video was uploaded without permission.

5. Why does the video player consist shit tons of ads

Movies we provide comes from a third party source which unfortunately has a lot of ads in which I find it extremely annoying myself, In time annoying ads might disappear in the future if we are able to implement our very own custom video player which prevents ads from annoying you and me.

6. What about the ads on the homepage and other parts of the website?

We do have our very own ads displayed on our website which consist of pop under, tab under and native ads, We try our best to set up our ads as minimal in terms of annoyance as possible, Ad money helps keep our website up and running.

7. Does the website consist of hidden malicious miners or viruses?

We will never place viruses or hidden miners on our site, We respect our users and will never place any sort of malicious code.  If you stumble upon a malicious ad when you’re watching a movie, It is very likely coming from third party embedded videoplayer ads itself. Report any malicious ads to us and if its coming from us, we will investigate and fix it.

8. How to add subtitles with the video player?

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